Riata Buckle Doubles Down with Proxy Horses

Riata Buckle Doubles Down with Proxy Horses

Apr 6, 2023

About a year ago, we were able to get Riata Buckle Stallion owners to agree and allow use of un-nominated horses for a couple of years to sell the "TEAM" concept in stallion incentive.  But to compensate for the use of these outside horses the stallion owners and breeders received double payment when a team contained these horses. However, year one went so well, we feel it's appropriate to go to step two in the process.

It should be clear at this point, that unlike the horse futurities, the Riata Buckle will be focused on ALL AGE horses, and ropers of all abilities. There will be futurity incentives and advantages to encourage trainers and ropers to use young horses, but our program will focus on all horses and various handicapped ropers. The use of outside horses will continue, but with the following conditions!  

In November, when teams COMPETE FOR MILLIONS in Riata Buckle prize money, each team will contain at least one Riata Buckle rope horse and preferably two but may contain a proxy or substitute rope horse. Ropers that are the owner of record of a nominated Riata Buckle horse 3 years old or younger, including weanlings: or they can demonstrate proof of a 2023 breeding to a Riata Stallion, will be allowed to ride a PROXY or substitute rope horse. A proxy form must accompany any roping entry. 

Essentially, this makes the un-nominated partner horse a proxy or substitute for the young and in some cases unborn Riata. Ropers riding a proxy horse will be roping at 100% payback but will not be eligible for any of the guaranteed added money. 

In teams where a proxy horse is present, stallion owners and breeders will still receive double payment. Additionally, if a team has a Riata horse and one proxy horse, the partner riding the Riata horse, will also receive double payment.

THE BENEFITS of this rule change are numerous:

  • Breedings, horse sales and horse purchases should remain strong and possibly increase.
  • Ropers will now be able to participate in the Riata Buckle even if they breed or buy a 1, 2 or 3-year-old Riata. They get to utilize the nomination payment of a young unfinished horse in the same year they pay it.
  • This rule takes the pressure off individuals pushing young horses to perform before they are ready.
  • All guaranteed stallion and nomination purses will be targeted directly to earnings of Riata Buckle horses within a true team competition.
  • And finally, this guarantees that every roper competing at Riata Buckle has a vested interest in the Riata Buckle program.


The Bonus Earnings qualification started April 1st. 

If you are interested in $100,000 bonus money, please read about the Bonus Earnings program, CLICK HERE.