Nomination Rules

Download Nomination Form (pdf)

Nomination Rules

  • Your horse is eligible to be nominated if your horse is sired by one of the Riata Buckle Stallions. If you are nominating an aged horse (non birth year) for the first time, please check with the Riata office to determine the correct first year fee based on the missed payment option.
  • One nomination payment is due each year per horse. (Nomination payments are non-transferable from one horse to another. Nominations are non-refundable)
  • All horses have to be nominated and the yearly nomination fee paid each year to remain eligible to enter and compete at the Riata Buckle Roping Events.

Nomination Schedule

Due by August 1st – $200
Due by December 1st – $300

If a foal is not nominated (or payment is not received) by December 1st of their birth year, or their first year of eligibility, they may only be nominated into the Riata Buckle by utilizing our missed payment option.

The Nomination Process

If you wish to compete at the Riata Buckle Roping Events, it is required that your horse be nominated and the yearly nomination fee be paid. This must be done every year, for the entire life of your horse.

The yearly nomination fee of $200 is due by August 1st for all horses. If you miss this deadline, the fee will be increased to $300 which is due by December 1st. Registration papers are not required at the time of nomination for weanlings or pending foal registrations. We do require a copy of both sides of the papers to be sent to the Riata Buckle office once you receive them.

In the case of a new stallion being added to the Riata Buckle Stallion List

All horses of any age, sired by a new stallion that has been added to the Stallion List, will be eligible to be nominated into the program ONLY within the first year the new stallion is added to the list. The nomination fees will follow the outlined nomination schedule; $200 due by August 1st OR $300 due by December 1st.

In the case of a stallion leaving the program or passing away

As long as you have nominated your horse (sired by a current Riata Buckle Stallion prior to his departure or death) and continue to pay the yearly nominations, your horse will remain eligible to compete at the Riata Buckle Roping Events. However, if a previously nominated horse sired by a departed stallion misses a payment, they will not be permitted back into the program.

Required Registration

All nominated horses are required to be registered with and provide registration papers from one of the following stock registries:

  • AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association)
  • APHA (American Paint Horse Association)
  • ApHC (Appaloosa Horse Club)


In the case of nominating a foal that is the result of a rebreed to a stallion who is no longer on the Riata Buckle Stallion List; a copy of the breeding contract and a letter from the stallion owner verifying the foal was a result of a rebreed from the year the stallion was a part of the Riata Buckle Stallion List must be provided.

Missed Payment Option

In the case of a missed nomination fee of eligible offspring or previously nominated horse, each year including the year of birth the nomination is not made, the nominated horse will pay $500 per year, with total payments not to exceed $2500. Example two years $1000, 3 years $1500, 4 years $2000, 5 years $2500. Once the penalty is paid, then the horse resumes the yearly payment of $200 for each subsequent year.

If this is not paid, they will no longer be eligible to be nominated and/or compete at any Riata Buckle events.