Please read the Nomination Rules before proceeding with your nomination.

Nomination Rules

Nominate Your Horse Yearly:

PriceNomination Description
$305 $205 2024 Nomination Fee - $100 discount applied if paid or postmarked on or before 9/15/2024
$305 2024 Nomination Fee if paid or postmarked 9/16/2024 through 12/31/2024
$810 2024 Nomination - One-time $505 + $305 "2023 Catch-up"
$1115 2024 Nomination - One-time $505 + $305 "2023 Catch-up" + $305 "2022 Catch-up"
  • Only one nomination payment is due per year per horse.
  • Nominations are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Download the Nomination Form to print then email or mail to our office along with a copy of registration papers and payment (check, money order or credit card info).

In the case of weanlings or pending registration: Registration papers are not needed at the time of nomination. We do require that you email a copy of the papers to once you receive them.

*A copy of registration papers is required for all other nominations.*

Click here for 2024 Nomination Form


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