Riata Buckle Mini-Qualifiers

The Mini-Qualifiers schedule has been announced and will award a guaranteed minimum of $180,000 in bonus money at seven locations. These ropings have been strategically selected to provide opportunities for Riata Buckle horses in the central part of the country, but more importantly the outlying regions. In addition to the $180,000, Riata Buckle will award a full entry to the top head and heel horse in each of the qualifiers for the Riata Buckle Championships in September. These additional 28 entries bring the grand total in this program to over $200,000 in its first season.

  • These cash bonuses will be awarded based on side pot jackpots for Riata Buckle horses only, $200 per entry. Entries will be taken online.
  • Guaranteed bonus money will be split evenly between the head side and heel side. In the event that there are no participants on one side, all the bonus money will be paid to the other side.
  • The number of places will be based on number of teams entered. Initially based on our free money give aways at Riata Buckle and the World Series Finale, we do not anticipate more than a dozen ropers per event. We will announce the number of participants and payoffs after each event.
  • Riata horses will be paid regardless how many steers are roped, in progression downward (4,3,2,1).
  • All money earned from the main roping and side pot, will be reported to Qdata and Equistat!

$10,000: WSTR Heartland - May 31, Priefert Arena, Mt. Pleasant, TX

  • 12.5 Division: $10,000 Guaranteed Minimum

$20,000: Patriot Team Roping - Jun 26 - Reno, NV

  • 11.5 Division: $10,000 Guaranteed Minimum
  • 10.5 Division: $10,000 Guaranteed Minimum

$30,000: WSTR Big Daddy - Jul 20-23, Cheyenne, WY

  • 13.5 Division: $10,000 Guaranteed Minimum
  • 10.5 Division: $10,000 Guaranteed Minimum
  • 9.5 Division: $10,000 Guaranteed Minimum

$20,000: WSTR Super Qualifier - August 9 - 11 – Tunica, MS

  • 12.5 Division: $10,000 Guaranteed Minimum
  • 10.5 Division: $10,000 Guaranteed Minimum

$10,000: WSTR Heartland - Aug 10, San Antonio, TX

  • 12.5 Division: $10,000 Guaranteed Minimum

$10,000: WSTR Heartland - Sep 02, Hamilton, TX

  • 8.5 Division: $10,000 Guaranteed Minimum

$80,000: WSTR Finale, Dec 6-15, Las Vegas, NV

  • 14.5 Finale: $20,000 Guaranteed Minimum
  • 12.5 Finale: $20,000 Guaranteed Minimum
  • 10.5 Finale: $20,000 Guaranteed Minimum
  • 9.5 Finale: $20,000 Guaranteed Minimum