Earnings Bonus Ropings

Riata Buckle Earnings Bonus Ropings

Advantage: Big-Money Bonus Roping at the Riata Buckle Championships
Our goal with the Earnings Ropings is to provide additional opportunities for you to compete on your Riata Buckle rope horses throughout the year, in every state, at events where ropers normally compete. To be clear, when you see the word "bonus," those ropings will occur in Guthrie during the Riata Buckle. When you compete at any World Series of Team Roping qualification event, World Series PPQ Event, United States Team Roping Championships events, the National Team Roping Finals and the National Team Roping League, those are Earnings ropings that qualify you for the bonus Ropings.

Here is the twist, you don't have to enter a sidepot or pay any fee to be eligible to enter the Bonus Roping in Guthrie unless and until you already have won an aggregate check at an Earnings event! If the roping you placed in is listed on Global Handicaps' Time Tracker and you notify Riata Buckle, you have qualified for one of the largest added-money purses of the year. The Earnings season starts December 1 (inclusive of the WSTR Finale) and runs through the Riata Buckle Championships in November of the following year. However, this year's launch will start April 1, through the Riata Buckle Championships in November 2023.

Second Advantage - Your Horse value!
By notifying Riata Buckle of your win, even if you don't enter the Bonus event in Guthrie, your horse's earnings from the Earnings Roping will be tracked, increasing your horses' value, the value of their pedigree and the value of the breeding program from which they came. This will help elevate the rope-horse business to the level of the other horse disciplines with the money available to win on these horses

The Riata Buckle Earnings Bonus Payoff: $200,000

  • Riata Buckle Earnings Bonus Championships will occur at Riata Buckle in Guthrie, Oklahoma, in November. There will be two Bonus Ropings: a #10.5 and a #12.5. Riata Buckle will guarantee a purse of $100,000 in the #10.5 Bonus and a guaranteed purse of $100,000 in the #12.5 Bonus, regardless of number of horses entered.
  • After winning any aggregate check at any Earnings event, you may enter the bonus roping or notify Riata Buckle of the win by using the online form, or by emailing us at Earnings@RiataBuckle.com. Riata Buckle will verify and confirm your win at that time.
  • Riata horses may qualify for up to four Bonus roping entries (two in the 10.5 and two in the 12.5) by placing in any Earnings event and any Earnings division listed on Global Handicap's Time Tracker during the roping season. However, whether as a horse or a roper, each may only enter each bonus roping twice on either end.
  • Riata horses qualify for entry as a horse, not as a team. They may rope at the Bonus roping with partners on another Riata or a proxy horse.
  • Ropers may qualify multiple Riata Buckle horses, but may only rope in each division twice on either end.
  • Ropers who qualify their Riata Buckle horses may pick partners whose numbers fit the #10.5 and #12.5 divisions. (In other words, may qualify with a partner in any division at any roping, but can invite partners to fit the #10.5 and #12.5)
  • Entry fees for the Earnings Bonus in Guthrie will be $300 per roper.

Qualify for the Riata Bonus ropings with WSTR practice pen qualifiers

  • Ropers roping in the WSTR #10.5, #9.5 and #8.5 divisions of the WSTR may qualify Riata horses by this method.
  • When following the entry procedures of the WSTR PPQ, ropers riding the Riata Buckle horses, after giving their names and ID numbers, must additionally identify the Riata horse with his registered name and registration number; and with the use of the camera, scan face and leg markings of the Riata Horse. WSTR will notify us of winners.
  • Riata horses qualified in this manner may enter up to two times in either the 10.5 and/or 12.5 Bonus ropings.

World Series Finale Riata Incentives will be announced in the fall 2023!

2023 Earnings Bonus Ropings Program Qualification Notification Form