Nomination FAQs

How do I know if my horse is sired by a Riata Buckle Stallion and is eligible to be nominated?

Do I have to pay a nomination fee every year?

Yes. Every horse has to be nominated and the nomination fee paid every year to remain eligible.

When are nominations due?

Nomination due dates: Every year by August 1st for $200 OR December 1st for $300. One nomination payment is due every calendar year between January 1st and December 1st.

What if I miss a yearly nomination payment?

All horses are required to be nominated and the yearly nomination fee paid every year. If a year is missed, the horse becomes ineligible. We do offer a missed payment option.

In the case of a missed nomination fee of eligible offspring or previously nominated horse, each year including the year of birth the nomination is not made, the nominated horse will pay $500 per missed year of eligibility PLUS the current year's nomination fee of $200 if paid by August 1st or $300 if paid no later than December 1st, with total payments not to exceed $2500. Example two years missed eligibility $1000, 3 years $1500, 4 years $2000, 5 years $2500, PLUS the current year's $200 or $300 Nomination Fee. Once the penalty is paid, then the horse resumes the yearly payment of $200 for each subsequent year.

If this is not paid, they will no longer be eligible to be nominated and/or compete at any Riata Buckle events.

Will the Riata Buckle send me an invoice for yearly nomination payments?

No, the Riata Office does not send invoices for yearly nominations. It is each owner's responsibility to send in the annual nomination payment each and every year.

When do Nominations/Entries have to be postmarked?

All nominations and entries have to be postmarked, emailed (midnight, MST) or processed online (midnight local time zone) by the due date. If they are received after the due date, late fees will be applied if applicable or will not be accepted after the set due date. Please do not wait until the last day! Strict due days and deadline will be enforced!

Can I check to see if my horse is current on their nominations?

Please call or email the Riata Buckle Stallion & Nominations Office for any questions you may have about your horse's eligibility or nomination status.

How long does it take to process nominations/entries?
How will I know if mine have been processed?

Normal processing time is a few days. The closer to deadlines you are, the longer processing time is. It can be up to 3 weeks if it is at the deadline date. You will receive an email receipt once we have processed your nomination/entries. Please check your junk or spam email folder if you have not received it.

What if my foal isn't registered yet, can I still nominate the foal?

Yes! Foals DO NOT have to be registered to be nominated. We encourage you to still nominate all horses by the December 1st deadline. When you nominate your unregistered foal, leave the Registered Name and Registration Number blank. Once your foal is registered, send a copy of the registration papers to the Riata Buckle Stallion & Nominations Office and we will update that information.

*The Riata Buckle Office requires a copy of all registration papers to be emailed and updated once you have received them.*

Can I pay with one payment for Pink, Ruby and Riata Buckle at the same time?

No. All Riata Buckle nomination payments must be paid separately and remitted to the Riata Buckle.

Will I receive a sticker for my registration papers?

No, we do not do stickers because the nomination fee has to be paid every year for eligibility.