Firing my Reygun

Firing my Reygun

Sep 8, 2023

By Keri Whitney

Zack Frei is a Utah rancher, part of the Claraboys Cattle Company that operates The Dutchman's Ranch. The Company runs 1000 head of cattle on 500,000 acres of forest service and BLM leased ground, 400 head of those cattle are mother cows co-owned by Zack and his dad. During the winter months, cattle are run in the low desert and in the summer months cattle are moved to the high country. Because of the raw land, sure footed, good minded and trust-worthy horses are essential. Zack also loves to team rope and always wanted a breeding program. A few years ago, his dream started to become his reality.

"I bought Highroller Reygun ZF as a weanling with intentions of raising my own horses," says Zack. "The way Reygun was built and moved caught my eye. I could tell he had a special heart to him. I've always dreamed of owning a stallion and raising babies. He's made that dream come true. My breeding program focuses on producing good quality using ranch and rope horses."

Prior to ranching, Zack started colts and rode for a cowhorse trainer. With that knowledge in his back pocket, he took it to the round pen to start Highroller Reygun ZF. It didn't take long before Zack swung a leg over him to use him out on the ranch, getting him really broke. When Reygun was four, Zack hauled him to his cousin, Kycen Winn who trains and shows futurity rope horses.

"Kycen took him to the rope pen and was heeling on him in futurity ropings when the Riata Buckle started. I wasn't familiar with the program at that time. But Lance Robinson of Riata Buckle knew Kycen and that he was roping on Reygun. Lance called him to see if he wanted the stallion in the Riata Buckle program. Kycen jumped on the opportunity. It was only after he agreed to the stallion spot that he called to tell me about the Riata Buckle. He says, 'Hey, they're making a new incentive program in the horse world. It's like Pink and Ruby, but for team roping. I went ahead and told him to count Reygun in.'" 

Prior to the purchase of Reygun, Zack's breeding program had already started with a single broodmare with Top Sail Whiz on the top and Dry Speck of Pepper on the bottom. The mare was purchased from a friend who was retiring from breeding. Since then, Zack's breeding program has grown to 15 broodmares, most being money earners and include own daughters of A Streak of Fling, Smart Chic Olena, TR Dual Rey, and Hesa Sonofa Dun and granddaughters of Wimpys Little Step, Peptoboonsmal, Smart Little Lena, Peppy San Badger, Autumn Boon, Hollywood Dun It, Docs Stylish Oak, Topsail Whiz, Easily Smashed, and Leo Hancock Hayes.

Now, Highroller Reygun ZF is Zack's favorite heel horse.  Last year Zack placed on him at the WSTR Finale in Vegas in the #9. In his 4-year-old year, Kycen heeled on Highroller Reygun ZF at the ARHFA Sun Circuit Team Roping in Scottsdale, Arizona and placed in the top 15 heeling. Reygun has been entered at the American Rope Horse Futurity Associate in Fort Worth, Texas October 18-21,2023. And make sure to watch for Highroller Reygun ZF at the 2023 Riata Buckle. He will be entered on the heel side in the #14, #12 and #10 and in the breakaway. 

Highroller Reygun ZF currently stands at ZF Land and Livestock.

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