Bryant Sees Options

Bryant Sees Options

The Bryant family of Jay, Oklahoma, has prioritized elite rope-horse breeding for more than two decades, so when the Riata Buckle announced its launch in December 2021, enrolling their stallion Watch Jack Winit was an immediate "Yes."

Jimmy, Kim and daughter, Jimmie, Bryant have shown their horses in every stock breed association possible, earning titles and points at every level. But the draw to the Riata Buckle is different—it finally gives them a chance to prove their stock with a record of their horses’ earnings outside of judged events.

"Up until this point, there have been no alternatives for proving your horse, so showing was just necessary if you want to have proven stock in your breeding program," Jimmy said. "There are a lot of folks in the breeding business that don't have the money to pay top trainers and ropers to ride their horses. So even some of the other incentive programs that are judged are iffy for us. The Riata Buckle offers everyone a chance to win money on their horse that they raised and/or trained and now they can compete and win on their own horse. That's a higher level of pride and accomplishment."

The Bryant family stands four stallions, but Watch Jack Winit has the most offspring available to the public at present. Watch Jack Winit has an American Buckskin Registry Association world title in the heading, a reserve world title in the heeling and a reserve world title in the calf roping. He has 15 AQHA World Show qualifications to his name in the Open Level 3 heading, heeling and calf roping. He finished in the top 10 at the AQHA world Show in the heeling and was eighth in the AQHA’s Open High Point Year-End Calf Roping. He’s accumulated over 200 AQHA points in five events with superiors in both heading and heeling.

"The Riata Buckle is an alternative for all of us that are breeding and raising rope horses," Jimmy continued. "Even at the starting level, a good weekend in the bigger money is worth a ton. We are AQHA people, but with this we have options we have never had before, it could save us a lot of time on the road. At the first Riata Buckle event in November at the Lazy E, we have a friend that will be roping on a 4-year-old APHA gelding that he bred and raised. He is sired by Watch Jack Winit and out of his good Paint mare. No matter what association your horse is registered in, and regardless if you are a pro team roper or a novice, everyone can come and participate."